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Sonora Sunrise

Cuprite Chrysacolla With gold-filled wire


About 8000 No. 11 glass beads make up Kay's original necklace

Eye of Horus

The Ruins Jewelry

Sadly, my wife passed away in June, 2019.  She was very influential in my perception and crafting of jewelry.  While Kay beaded most of her life, my entry into the world of wire-wrapping came about only about 20 years ago.  While walking through a metaphysical fair, a guy grabbed me and told me things about myself of which only I had knowledge.  Then he said he saw jewelry – turquoise, silver, in my future.  The more I thought about it, the more interesting it sounded.  So, I bought some gold-filled wire, got a few beads at a bead show, and embarked on my first wire sculpture project.  I use mostly gold-filled and sterling silver wire, although lately, I’ve been using copper and my current favorite, bronze, with most of the stones semi-precious gemstones.  Mixed metals can also give the pieces a little extra zing. 

Kay’s specialty was peyote stitched creations.  The amulet bags she crafted have about 8,000 beads, all stitched one bead at a time, taking as long as a couple of months to finish.  Sometimes we would collaborate on a work, with her bead work and my wire work.  Only very seldom would we duplicate a previous work, unless requested.   Inspiration comes from many places, primarily nature and ancient art.  I love animals and fossils, and frequently use bone, fossils, leather, shells and feathers in my projects.   

Much of our business is custom work, although I do sell our work at three or four Gem and Mineral shows a year.                  (See Show Schedule page)

With gold-filled wire, lapis bead and spiral rope necklace

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